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Experience ultra-fast speeds and near-zero latency. Switch to fibre internet and get a reliable signal that you can trust.

* Remember to count each smart home device or anything connected to the internet, such as a smart thermostat, smart light bulbs, TV, tablet, Alexa, etc. Your performance may vary depending on various factors such as the app or website you’re using, your equipment or your wifi signal. Installation fees vary, please call to know what the fee is in your area.

Why Choose fibre Internet?

Ultimate Reliability

Have peace of mind your internet is there when you need it. Our signals are the most reliable because the lines are buried in the ground, so there's no interference from trees or bad weather.

Dedicated Speeds

We’re not talking “up to” speeds. When we say 300 Mbps download speed, our network delivers that speed to your location. That’s speed unmatched by wireless options.

Low Latency

No more lag! Latency is how responsive your internet is, and fibre internet connections have incredibly low latency. This means you won’t see lag when you’re trying to game, stream in 4K or make video calls.

Unlimited Data

Get truly unlimited data. We won’t slow you down like other internet providers do when you hit your monthly limit.

Fibre Internet VS Other Options

* = depends on provider

Fibre Installation Process

Made the decision to switch to fibre internet? Great choice! Here’s what you can expect for the installation process. We appreciate your patience as we work to get fibre installed in your community and to your home.

Remember - with the benefits of a buried and dedicated fibre optic line, there are a few more steps for installation than wireless internet.

Get fibre to your home in 6 easy steps

  1. Finalize the agreement – send your signed document back to RFNOW.
  2. RFNOW Construction submits a request for locates on your property (usually takes 2-4 weeks) to ensure no gas or water lines are disrupted.
  3. After that, the RFNOW Construction team will contact you to arrange an install date and confirm the route of cable through your yard and into your home.
  4. On that date, our crew buries the fibre optic cable to a depth of approximately 18 inches, drills a hole into the home and runs the cable into the house through an exterior fitting.
  5. Then the termination crew contacts you to make the final connection within your home, so you can connect any equipment, like a router.
  6. The connection is tested and confirmed. Your billing cycle begins after our termination crew confirms the connection is complete.

Note: Timelines will vary depending on your community, ground conditions, the proximity of the main fibre line to your home and any restrictions on your property for the cable to reach the home.

About Us

Why Choose RFNow as your Internet Provider?

Unmatched Speed & Reliability

We install fibre direct to the home, not to the curb. We’re not talking “up to” speeds, you get the quoted download speeds to your house, nothing less.

Simple & Transparent Pricing

No bill surprises here. We offer unlimited data, so your monthly cost won’t change with data usage.

Dedicated & Local Team

Our customer support team is present in the communities we serve, so we understand the needs of rural living. We're always here to assist you.

Future Proof Technology

Our infrastructure is designed for easy speed upgrades, meaning you’ll always be able to get the best service offered.

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Frequently asked questions

What is included in a fibre installation?

All equipment is provided by RFNOW Inc for a home installation, except a WiFi Router. When we activate your new fibre service, our friendly install technicians can connect a WiFi device provided by the customer.

Another company ran fibre optic cable past my place. Can you use that to bring internet to my home?

RFNOW Inc uses our own fibre optic network and never uses or shares other company’s lines. Our network is exclusively owned, independently operated and serviced by RFNOW Inc. to provide the highest quality customer experience.

How long will it take to have the fibre service to my home?

Our residential installation timelines differ based on the existing infrastructure, property configuration and weather. Factors such as train tracks, highway crossings and water ways can impact the duration of an installation. On average, most installations where service is available can happen within 1 to 3 months.

Will my service be affected by slower speeds during busy periods?

No. With RFNOW fibre optic service, the speed of your connection is controlled by the RFNOW service equipment in your home, ensuring that it remains unaffected by the number of customers connected to our network. So, whether you are streaming, gaming or simply browsing the web, you always rely on our service to deliver the fast reliable performance you need.

Where is our support team based?

RFNOW’s support staff is 100% Canadian based and many grew up in the communities we service!

Did you know?

Did you know that fibre internet can increase the value of your home? Think of fibre as an investment in infrastructure. Research shows it can add up to 3% value to your property!

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Awesome speeds and no down times! Also great customer service! So happy we switched to RFNOW!!

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RF Now, more like RF WOW! Highly recommend it!

Jill - Facebook

Amazing Service and installation of our fibre service south of Brandon last week. Thanks RFNOW.

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