Reliable Internet Service for your Business

In today’s business world, reliable internet is essential. Our business solutions provide more than just fast and dependable internet plans - we offer a robust digital foundation for your business.

Why Choose RFNow As Your Internet Provider

Reliability and Stability

Dedicated connections, low latency and fast speeds means peace of mind that your business operations will always run smoothly.

Dedicated Speeds

Internet options that scale up to 10 Gbps, ensuring your business never slows down and you never worry about data caps.

Dedicated Support and Service

Business internet plans come with Service Level Agreements that ensure maximum uptime and reliability. Options may include same-day service responses, comprehensive infrastructure support and more.

Customized Network Solutions

We can provide fibre optic connectivity, microwave point-to-point deployments, local wifi network setup, assist with building design and so much more. Our solutions are tailored to meet the specific demands of your business.

We offer various levels of support, tailored to your business. In the unlikely event of a service interruption, rest assured you’ll be back up and running as quickly as possible.


Up to
10 Gbps

Unlimited Data

  • 5 days a week during regular business hours
  • Next business day response

Call 1-866-887-3669 for pricing

Up to
10 Gbps

Unlimited Data

  • 5 days a week during regular business hours
  • Same business day response

Call 1-866-887-3669 for pricing

Up to
10 Gbps

Unlimited Data

  • 5 days a week during regular business hours
  • Same business day response
  • Next day service

Call 1-866-887-3669 for pricing
* Install fee varies depending on location

Key Industries We Serve

oil gas

Oil and Gas

We partner with our oil & gas businesses to provide unparalleled connectivity. Our symmetrical fibre speeds ensure seamless data flow, vital for operations where every second counts. Benefit from an elevated level of technical support and remote monitoring capabilities, enabling you to keep a vigilant eye on your operations from anywhere. Available static IP addresses simplify remote work and connections, while our VLAN services offer secure, segmented networking. With extremely low latency and high-level reliability, your productivity is our priority. Plus, our collaboration with your IT or technical team ensures a synergy that drives success.



We’re driven to connect communities, offering a network of high-speed fibre optics to unite in-town and rural homes, businesses, and key municipal locations—from water treatment facilities to public works shops. Our expertise extends to enhancing the digital infrastructure of community centers, arenas and halls, ensuring every corner of your RM is connected. Let us help you enable not just communication, but community engagement, safety, and growth.



Get peace of mind with a reliable internet connection for all your critical farm operations. RFNow delivers this through steadfast fibre connections, offering tailored speed options necessary for modern farming. Monitor your grain bins, dryers, and more with our fast, dependable network. Available static IP addresses ease remote operations, while our local customer service and technical support stand ready to assist. Whether it's setting up your network or collaborating with your IT team, we're here to help. With flexible financing for installation costs, we make sure nothing stands between you and the efficiency that fibre brings to your farm.

Building Custom Business Solutions

Your business needs are unique - that’s why we create custom business solutions for our customers. We’ll meet with you to understand your business needs, both current and what you might require as you grow in the future. We’ll then create a package just for you that could include:

  • Custom speeds
  • Service agreements
  • Hardware support
  • Data services
  • And more

We've worked with a variety of organizations to build tailored phone and internet plans:

  • Multi-Unit Dwellings
  • Schools
  • Hospitals and Medical Clinics
  • Small-to-Large Businesses
business solutions

Additional Business Services

We are so much more than just an internet service provider, we also offer services to connect our world class internet to all of your internal and external systems.

Network Design & Set Up

We specialize in creating networks for seamless connectivity, efficiency and scalability. Whether you have a large space, multiple buildings or devices, or unique needs, we can design an optimal solution.

Security System Set Up

Get peace of mind with a security system set up on our fibre network, giving you real time monitoring and fast technical support.

IT Support

We offer various levels of dedicated IT support, from email set up, software updates, ongoing support or servicing comprehensive systems. We’ll ensure you minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Out Building Connections

Ideal for rural settings, we specialize in extending robust internet and network connections to any outbuildings on your property. Ensure consistent, high-speed connectivity across your entire operation, no matter where it's located.

Why Choose fibre Internet?

Ultimate Reliability

Have peace of mind your business internet is there when you need it. Our signals are the most reliable because the lines are buried in the ground, so there’s no interference from trees or bad weather.

Dedicated Speeds

We’re not talking “up to” speeds. When we say 300 Mbps download speed, our network delivers that speed to your location.

Low Latency

No more lag! Latency is how responsive your internet is, and fibre connections have incredibly low latency. This means you won’t see lag when you’re making video calls.

Unlimited Data

Get truly unlimited data. We won’t slow you down like other internet providers do when you hit your monthly limit.

Fibre Internet VS Other Options

* = depends on provider

Frequently asked questions

Can you provide a Static IP address?
Yes, we offer a static IP address. A static IP address makes it easier to work remotely with a specific address, as a dynamic address can change over time. The cost per static IP address is $15/month.
Does RFNow offer payment plans for fibre installation costs?

Yes, we offer payment plans. Please ask our Sales Account rep for more information.

Is a shorter or longer term an option?

Yes, the standard term with the fibre service is 36 months, however, alternate terms are available upon request and discussion.

Can the speed be increased down the road if more may be required?

Yes, if you need faster speed, please reach out to your Account rep.

Do we need to request for locates at our facility for the fibre installation?

No, we will take care of placing locate requests as part of the installation process to service your location with a fibre connection.

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