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Monday - Friday
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8:00am - 5:00pm
Toll Free: 1-866-887-3669
Direct: 204-748-4812

Whether you'd like to sign up for Internet service, troubleshoot connection issues, or manage your Webmail spam settings, RFNOW's Customer Care and IT Support teams are ready to assist you. We can be reached by phone, fax, email, or in person during regular business hours. We do check-in on weekends, so please email or leave a message, and we'll assist you ASAP.

We've also provided answers and guides below to help with common issues.

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Speed Test | Test Internet Upload and Download Speed
Check your current internet speed here: SPEEDTEST
How can I access my Webmail?
Click here to access the Webmail login.
Spam Settings Guide for RFNOW Webmail
An unsolicited bulk email message is known as "spam." Spam, which usually contains some sort of commercial advertising or proposition, is sent to a large number of recipients in hopes of persuading them to buy the product or service. Webmail Spam Settings help prevent unwanted spam from reaching your Inbox by allowing you to filter messages before you even see them. Download and view instructions here.
Friends and Exceptions Guide for Webmail
Add email addresses to the Exceptions List and the Friends List in your Webmail account to ensure you receive email messages from family, friends, and other important contacts. These lists can help manage the email messages you receive and prevent unwanted messages, such as spam, from reaching your Inbox, as well. Download and view instructions here
View Held Messages Guide for Webmail
In your Webmail’s Spam Settings, you can choose to hold, reject, and/or delete messages based on their assigned “Spam Rating.” A “held” message will be kept for two weeks, giving you time to review the message and decide whether or not to receive it in your Inbox. Download and view instructions here.
View Quarantine/Pending List Guide for Webmail
In your Webmail’s Friends Settings, you can choose to “quarantine” (hold) any message from an unknown sender, giving you time to review the message and decide whether or not to receive it in your Inbox. Meanwhile, if a Friends Confirmation Message has been sent to verify the sender is a real person (rather than a spam robot) and a reply to this message is received, the original message will be moved automatically to your Inbox. Download and view instructions here
How do I recover my Webmail password?
View Webmail password recovery.
How can I access my account online?
You can make credit card payments, view billing history, check your balance and more from your online account. If you have trouble logging in, please try resetting your password or contact support.
How do I sign up for pre-authorized payments?
We offer pre-authorized payments using a credit card or financial institution account. Please contact us to sign up.
How do I pay online?
You can make a credit card payment online by logging into your account.
How do I pay in person?
To pay in person, drop-by our main office, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m, Monday-Friday, at 297 Nelson Street West, Virden, MB.
How do I pay by phone?
To pay by phone, please call 204-748-4812 (select option 3) during our support hours.
How do I pay by mail?
Payments can be sent to:
Box 448,
Virden, Manitoba,
R0M 2C0
Please make your cheque or money order payable to RFNOW Inc. Write your RFNOW account number on the cheque or money order.
Speak to someone about your bill
To speak to someone about your bill, please contact us today.