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Accessibility Survey

RFNOW Inc. is committed to helping to create a barrier-free community that is welcoming, supportive and does not prevent anyone from fully participating in society. We are beginning the process by reflecting and taking an internal inventory of opportunities to ensure that we identify and address any barriers that may prevent anyone with a disability from fully engaging with our business. From this, we will develop and implement an accessibility plan to be implemented by June 1, 2024. Everyone is welcome to participate by filling out the Survey Form below.

Alternatively, you may also contact us by:

· Email: hr@rfnow.net

· Telephone: (204) 748-4812

· Mail: RFNOW Inc. – Accessibility Survey, Box 448, Virden, MB R0M 2C0

· In person: 297 Nelson Street, Virden, MB

All responses will be received by Tyler Porter, Human Resources Director, at RFNOW Inc. for review and consideration for our accessibility plan. Participants’ identification and association with responses will be kept confidential. Our survey consists of a series of questions intended to provide you with the opportunity to identify, understand, and comment on any barriers, or potential barriers, that you have faced, or could potentially face, while interacting with our business. This includes evaluation of our products and services, as well as our personnel and property.

The survey assesses five categories:

1. Physical Spaces · barriers which make it difficult to move around or interact within the environment

2. Information and Communication · ensuring our means of communication and access to information are available and helpful to those with disabilities

3. Technology · ensuring the use of our technology and equipment is not prohibitive to people with disabilities

4. Systems · the organization’s programs, policies, services or practices which act as barriers to people with disabilities

5. Attitudes and Behaviours · how people think about, speak to or otherwise interact with people with disabilities

RFNOW Accessibility Survey