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Why is fibre internet superior?

Fibre optic internet has a variety of benefits compared to its copper counter-part. The symmetric speed of fibre is stable and fast, allowing for quick download and upload of content. This makes your business run smoothly and your leisure time buffer free!


Fibre-optic internet is many times faster than regular high-speed copper internet. Giving you constant speeds for you to surf the web, watch movies and run a business.

Unlike its dial-up or wireless counterpart, fibre-optic internet has “symmetric speed”, meaning that the upload and download times are the same. This allows you to upload photos and stream movies at the same pace.


Other benefits fibre-optic has over copper internet connectivity is that fibre cables are much stronger than copper. Copper cables decay and degrade over time resulting in spotty connections and loss of signal. Fibre-optic cables transfer data through a glass or plastic tube, which is resistant to electrical or human interference, unless physically cut.

Signal Strength

Unlike traditional DSL or ethernet over copper internet, fibre-optic signal does not degrade over distance.


Stop “hitting the cap” on your bandwidth with fibre-optic internet. As higher demands are put on your network, speed won’t be likely to stutter.


Unlike its competitors, fibre-optic internet offers little to no latency over an internet connection. Fibre eliminates latency issues you would experience while downloading or uploading high definition content.




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