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Korbin K-M. - Via Google

The Internet [provider] is bringing fiber optic to our area, and rates are the same as we are being currently charged by other internet providers. The installer and field technician is knowledgeable, honestly cares, and is hard working.

Nevada S-B. - Via Facebook

Been with RFNOW for at least 13 years now, service is fantastic and faster then anything I’ve used in major city centres.

Trevor W. - Via Facebook

Wow that is all! Outstanding speed and alway consistent!! Thanks

Amy O. - Via Facebook

We just moved out to our new acreage a month ago and wow! The internet speed is WAY better and more reliable than ANY competitor in Brandon and surrounding area (hands down!!), and we have used 3 different companies in the past 10 years. We have 3 kids and they all approve as well! We are all super impressed! Thanks RFNow!

Rosalie K. - Via Facebook

We had this put in almost two years ago and it's AMAZING!!!

Dee F. - Via Facebook

Let’s take a moment to commend RFNOW on their phenomenal customer service! Huge shout out to Kendra specifically for all of her help and understanding dealing with us switching to them for our internet services. Great job, guys. I’ll recommend you to anyone and everyone!

Jeannine B. - Via Facebook

Awesome speeds and no down times! Also great customer service! So happy we switched to RFNOW!!

Trevor .T - Via Facebook

Excellent, fast reply, supportive, no extra data charges, nice to see some competition from the gouging government local phone companies for rural farms.

Michelle .J-H - Via Facebook

I was hooked up yesterday. I am impressed with speed so far!!

Corinna .T - Via Facebook

We have this it’s wonderful if you are looking.

Barbara .A - Via Facebook

Amazing service, getting it in and continuing service. Highly recommend.

Jo-Anne .E - Via Facebook

Great service and the fellow who did router and instructions was awesome.

Colleen .L - Via Facebook

Amazing service! Great people and wonderful fast internet!

Brad .M - Via Facebook

Amazing Service and installation of our fibre service south of brandon last week. Thanks RFNOW.

Maxine .R-B - Via Facebook

We have it at Moosomin regional park and we love it!!

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