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Follow the steps outlined below to apply settings in your Webmail account to manage any spam email messages you may receive. When you receive an email, your Spam Settings will be applied to the message after any settings in the Exceptions List and Friends Address List.

What is Spam?

An unsolicited bulk email message is known as "spam." Spam, which usually contains some sort of commercial advertising or proposition, is sent to a large number of recipients in hopes of persuading them to buy the product or service.

Webmail Spam Settings

Webmail Spam Settings help prevent unwanted spam from reaching your Inbox by allowing you to filter messages before you even see them. Based on a message's "Spam Rating," you can choose to hold, reject, or delete that message. Spam Rating is the value assigned to a message that indicates, based on the message's characteristics - such as content, header, etc. - the likelihood that the message is spam. For example, a rating of '0' means the message definitely is not spam, while a rating of '10' or higher means the message definitely is spam.

When applying Spam Settings in your Webmail account, choose an appropriate Spam Rating for each of the following actions:

  • Hold - Keep the message for two weeks, giving you time to review the message and decide whether or not to receive it.
  • Reject - Refuse the message and send an email to the sender saying you didn't receive the message.
  • Vanish - Delete the message automatically without informing the sender you didn't receive it.

When an email is received in your Webmail account, your Spam Settings will be applied to the message after any Exceptions List filters and the Friends Address List have been applied, but before any Friends confirmation messages are sent.

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