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Add email addresses to the Exceptions List and the Friends List in your Webmail account to ensure you receive email messages from family, friends, and other important contacts. These lists can help manage the email messages you receive and prevent unwanted email messages, such as spam, from reaching your Inbox, as well.

Friends and Exceptions Lists

Follow these steps (see right) to add email addresses to the Exceptions List and the Friends List in the Webmail Management window. 

Use the Exceptions List to set filters that tell the mail server what to do with messages from specific email addresses. For example, you can choose to always receive email messages from one email address, always delete messages from another email address, always move certain email messages to a particular folder, etc.

The Friends List is another way of ensuring no spam or other email from unknown senders reaches your Inbox. To only receive messages from known/acceptable addresses, add the email addresses of friends, family, and other contacts to your Friends Address List, and then apply a Friends Setting that will only accept email from people on this list. You can also choose to "quarantine" any email from a sender not on the Friends List and send a "Friends Confirmation Message" to verify the sender is a real person (rather than a spam robot). Any quarantined message will be held in the Quarantine/Pending List, allowing you to review the message and decide whether or not to receive it in your Inbox. Meanwhile, if a reply to the Friends confirmation message is received (indicating the sender is a real person), the original message will be moved automatically to your Inbox.

When email is received in your Webmail account, any filters you have set in the Exceptions List will be compared to the message first. If a match is found, the specified action will be applied to the message. If no match is found, any Friends Settings will be applied to the message next, followed by any Spam Settings, if applicable. Any required Friends confirmation message will be sent after your Exceptions List, Friends Address List, and Spam Settings have been applied.

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